RLS4 coe -clachaig


Waking up in a warm bed to a pre-set alarm my breakfast order was in the previous night, I was looking forward to some vegetarian sausage and haggis with beans and eggs, it was wonderful then I got showered clean dry clothes on, wet stuff now all dried out and put into my backpack I was good to go by nine AM.  Having received text messages from Sheila and bob- Sheila to say she was heading home from mull so passing close by if I wanted picked up somewhere, I could then have a couple of dry days at home? Bob to say he and Tim were heading for a few days hiking in the fisherfield hills! Both of which sounded like awesome opportunities I accepted both kind offers,

            Leaving the B&B feeling I had plenty time to walk the short distance to the Clachaig where I would be meeting Sheila when she managed to get away from work and drive there, I decided to stop at the glen Coe folk museum which I thoroughly enjoyed, writing and sending her a postcard from it, I actually would have enjoyed going round that museum with mum as she would have lots of good knowledge on much of the stuff on display,


There is an excellent path between glen Coe village and the Clachaig its signposted as the orbital track. It’s a good walking track of the single-track car road very scenic, I took this starting out in waterproofs but soon these were taken off, listening to the audibook as i went still in line with where i was and db`s adventure, life was good #brawtimes , I was half way up signal hill when Sheila text to say she was in glen Coe. She was much quicker than I guessed but thankfully signal hill is right at the back of the Clachaig one of my favourite pubs in Scotland and that’s where we were meeting to have lunch, it was as it always is in there excellent  

            The Stephenson way for now postponed! but now I am way more knowledgeable about what’s involved, when I return it will most likely be further research on the next sections, before a final assault on the full way?

To be continued



Next installment-

Rannoch Moor

This section covers the "flight in the heather" from Glencoe, up to Ben Alder (Cluny's "Cage" or "Cave") and across Rannoch Moor. This section is at the heart of the Stevenson Way. Is is one of the most remote sections but also one of the most beautiful and rewarding. However it is not to be undertaken lightly as if you lose your way due to mist, rain or darkness then you risk being in danger. Understanding your map & compass and knowing where you are at all times will ensure that you really enjoy this section


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